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9/14/19 - Day 25, CPAP!

Over Shabbat, the doctors decided to change Ronen to CPAP! This is the next big step in his recovery. It means that he is no longer being delivered breaths artificially by machine. The CPAP delivers constant pressure that helps keep his lungs open, but the breathing is all him. Since the change, Ronen’s respiratory rate has come down, and we are reassured that he is tolerating this change. 

Ronen is still being fed by NG tube, but because he’s growing he’s now taking 66 mL every 3 hours. It’s likely we won’t be able to feed him tubeless until after CPAP is turned off. That’ll be the next biggest step.

Thanks everyone for the continued well-wishes and prayers. Shavuah Tov / Have a good week.

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