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9/23/19 - Day 34, No More CPAP!

Another big step today! Over the last few days, Ronen has decreased from 7 to 6 to 5 on the CPAP, and today he was converted to the VapoTherm, which is High-Flow Oxygen at a level 4. Great, because Ronen hates having anything in his nose, and will dragon-wail anytime someone touches the tape on his face. 

And, on Level 4 VapoTherm, Ronen might be able to eat by mouth instead of through an NG tube! Tomorrow, an occupational therapist will come and evaluate his swallowing abilities and let us know whether he needs a slow-flow or regular flow bottle through which to practice eating. 

So far, with the Level 4 VapoTherm, Ronen has been in much better shape. His respiratory rate is much lower than it was, though it can't go too low -- but it seems to be staying under 100 breaths per minute. He's making great progress.

We also learned today that the mohel wants to do the bris when Ronen gets home and not before, so we wait on that, too. Hinda has been studying halakhot (Jewish laws) related to the delay of a bris, and the sources recommend that the bris take place 7 days from the day of recovery... so, stay tuned. We've got a ways to go, and we look forward to welcoming Ronen to the Jewish people when he is ready.

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