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8/25/19 - Where We've Been Since Monday...

Hi Everyone, We've been tight-lipped about what's going on with us, and as our support we're hoping to check in with you via this platform... Hard to keep track of who knows what. We simply request that you do not share the link to this journal. It is shared with a select few people we love and trust. Our baby boy was born at 8:07 PM on Tuesday, August 20, 2019, after 28 hours-ish of labor at Holy Cross Hospital. Man plans, God laughs... Hinda went in for a scheduled C-section on Monday at 2 PM, already having contractions, and we changed plans. It was a long process, but once he decided he was ready, we did not wait long! He was quickly seen by the NICU team because they saw him "seesaw breathing" and was whisked away for more tests. They did some tests and discovered he has a right-sided diaphragmatic hernia. (Yes, all the pictures you'll see of those are LEFT-sided. Apparently right-sided is extremely rare. We have a very special boy.) The doctors arranged for transport to Children's National Hospital's NICU, and within 3 hours of his delivery, he was on his way with Bob in the neonatal transport. We're writing this message from the NICU at Children's National, where he'll be until whenever they decide he is healthy enough to go home. Our baby is on several machines, including Oxygen, an Oscillator, and various nutritional and medicine-delivery drips, which means we can't hold him. D & J, our 3.5-year-olds, say the baby has "pipes." Again, special... but he is pink, reactive when you tickle his toesies or hold his hand, and a fighter. In the meantime, Hinda was re-admitted to the hospital for antibiotics for two days, Friday & Shabbat. She was discharged on Saturday and doing better. We are blessed to have had the on-the-ground support of Hinda's parents and sister over the past few days, and Bob's brother Frank Labovitz, who knitted the baby an adorable little hat! We are also blessed to have Bob's parents in our corner supporting from afar, and look forward to their arrival tonight in honor of the early naming tomorrow morning, and for their coming back later in the week. We are also so grateful for the support we've had from some friends and community members at Ohr Kodesh who have helped us heap attention on our at-home munchkins so they continue to feel supported even as their Ima and Abba are less present. Tomorrow (Monday, August 26) is a BIG DAY for this baby. At morning minyan he will receive his name over the Torah -- and we are so looking forward to CALLING him something (!) -- and then later in the day, God willing, he will have the surgery that repairs his hernia. We are told that, if all goes well, this is a one-and-done surgery, but he'll be in the hospital for some time as they manage his pain, track his recovery, and wean him off the various machines. Please, if prayer is in your routine, keep him in your thoughts. Until tomorrow morning, he'll still be Jewishly "tinok ben Hinda Tzivia" (tinok is the word for "baby" in Hebrew), and in English, Baby Boy Labovitz. We look forward and hope to be sharing news on both the naming and the surgical fronts tomorrow.

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