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8/26/19 - Welcome, Ronen!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Ronen Eliezer Labovitz was named at minyan this morning, accompanied by just a few family and friends, and by the miracle livestreaming he was able to be there from a distance, as were several friends and family from overseas.

Turns out, no surgery today. We had a two-steps forward, one-step back situation last night, and they didn't wean him off the oxygen quite enough to make it possible to do the surgery... BUT... today, they are switching Ronen from an oscillator (hardcore vent) to a conventional ventilator, and if he stays stable then, surgery will be scheduled for tomorrow.

He's sedated for the most part but still wiggly, which feels like a glimmer of hope to his parents. His fingers and toes wiggle and if you hold his hand he plays with his grip. He also likes to be sung to. No surprise.

So... steps in the right direction, and we keep praying.

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