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8/30/19 - 10 Days Old!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Thanks to everyone who has checked in this week. It has been a trying and exhausting week for all of us, but We are on the up-swing! Ronen's recovery is on his own timetable. He is slowly being weaned from meds and supports, but so far all tubes stay in. As soon as the chest tube comes out we can hold him, so it’s no secret we want that to happen ASAP, but we know we have to be patient until the baby is really ready, we wouldn't want to rush and have to reset. בשעה טובה, I keep reminding myself. In due time - in an auspicious time. 

One big step forward: They took Ronen's "sump" out (it is what it sounds like, takes bile out of the intestines), and put in a feeding/NG tube through which they are giving him real breastmilk. Pumping finally paying off! If he tolerates having "real food" in his tummy, that's one step closer to our being able to exclusively feed him and take away the IV nutrition. Yay!  UPDATE: The NG-Tube did not go so well. He "desatted" while they tried to feed him, so they'll keep trying, but it's a process...

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