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9/10/2019 - Day 21, Gratitude

We've been here for three weeks. Medically, nothing new to report, as we expected. We're going to have to get used to hearing at rounds most days, "He's not ready for the next step, so we're staying at the current settings."

We're grateful for the support we're getting from the staff here in the hospital, who include an entourage of nurses, doctors, and support specialists for him and for us.

Overnight, Ronen was moved to a room with a window -- we had been in a room with no sunlight at all, which was the room that happened to be open when he was admitted. Now we have "a room with a view," and we can see the McMillan Reservoir just down from our window, the hospital's Healing Garden below and to the right, and the Washington Monument far to the left. We can also see the hospital's helipad on the roof from our window, which I'm sure, if we catch one coming or going while our twins are visiting, will delight them immensely. In the distance we can also see planes coming in to land at Reagan National Airport.

It is indeed amazing what having sunlight instead of artificial light all the time can do for one's mood... his and ours.

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