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9/8/19 - Day 19, Slow Climb

Shavuah Tov!

Seems that we’ve finally reached the slow climb, and there won’t be nearly-daily updates anymore. My mom would say something about the “80/20 Rule” here... we hopefully only have another 20% recovery steps to go, but they’ll take 80% of the time in this process. 

Overnight they took out Ronen’s PICC line (the IV line in his leg). He was a champ as they removed it, and kvetched most about their taking off the tape that kept it covered. Everyone hates ripping off a band-aid. One fewer “pipe”! Now all he has are the ledes, nasal cannula, and NG tube. We used to have several elements on our IV tower, now just one (for the NG tube). Cheers to less stuff and to unplugging this baby.

We had a great visit with siblings today! Photos attached.

We’ll probably be writing less frequent updates now, but please do continue to check in with us directly. If we have learned anything so far in this process, it’s that the NICU can be a lonely place... If you are local, let us know if you want to come visit.

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